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  1. A close up photo of a man with a serious expression.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau seems to be holding onto power – for now. But pressure is mounting for him to consider the future beyond Israel’s war with Hamas, and to stop putting his own interests ahead of the country’s.

  2. A man stands near the end of a line of several cars in a row in bright sunshine with a tree in the background.

    Car dealerships in North America continue to wrestle with major disruptions that started last week with cyberattacks on a software company used widely in the auto retail sales sector.

  3. A person looking straight ahead smiles.

    Princess Anne, 73, suffered minor injuries and a concussion following an incident on Sunday and is in hospital as a precaution, Buckingham Palace says.

  4. An aerial view from across the street shows the charred damage to the top corner of a commercial high-rise building. Below, dozens of helmeted fire and other rescue workers can be seen in miniature.

    A fire likely sparked by exploding lithium batteries swept through a manufacturing factory near South Korea's capital on Monday, killing 22 mostly Chinese migrant workers and injuring eight, officials said.

  5. A surfer is shown inside a huge spiral wave.

    A professional lifeguard died after he was attacked by a shark while surfing off the island of Oahu in Hawaii on Sunday afternoon, authorities said.